Economic & Effective Pharmaceutics for Welfare of Patients

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the fast growing Egyptian companies since 22 years.
We are an Egyptian company specialized in Vaccines& pharmaceuticals manufacturing, trading and we have international license for trading.

Our professional staff (All our staff are of true experience working at multinational pharmaceutical companies as GSK, Merz, Wyeth, Bayer, Merck….etc.) are doing the best to serve customers from all parts of the world.
We have good experience with the Egyptian & Middle East Market needs and excellent relation with Governmental authorities, MOH & Private sectors.


We are already agents for companies worldwide, every solution we offer is defined by a “value differential” that is provided by our outstanding scientific knowledge pool. Our proven capability to market high value biopharmaceuticals is an endorsement of our ability to meet global benchmarks.


QTO Bimag History

Founded in year 1997, is dedicated

to better health and greater access to health-
care for people


Our route to that target is through deliver products and services conforming to the needs of our customers


Our target is helping people happier lives

37+Years of experience
98kSuccess Investments
65BDollar Money Profit
24+Expert Advisors
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Our Advisors visions

College Savings

Insurable risk is predictable

Stocks Management

Obtain highest profit

Investment Advice

Aim all economic activities

Wealth Management

Better proper functioning

Income Insurance

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Industrial Contracts

New and inventive way

Bob Kingman
Sarah Sperson
Manager & Analyzer
Robin McCalister
Risk Manager


What our customers says?

We have over 15,000 happy customers in world



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Who We Are?
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